Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kill a nigga

The song that makes me laugh

see yall would kill these nigga, but ima kill dis bitch!
I've been waitin too long
and this hoe is talkin shit
i aint wit it, i dont like it, i dont like her, i will fight her
i will tie her ass up and set her whole body on fire

Well today my boyfriend of 3 years is chillin with a pair of our really good friends. Whenever he does so he forgets i exist(feels like it) and just leaves in the middle of our online conversations without saying bye or where he's going. Really pisses me off.

First off he should be more considerate, and secondly they should also be too. They know we're long distance for pete's sake!
They always wanna take all this time like theyve been with him through thick and thin, two deployments, this entire long distance relationship, they dont suck his dick, tell him goodnight, send him letters while he was away. Didnt send him carepackages. THE FUCK?!  anyways i am just as pissed at him