Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good Morning

Thought I'd write something before getting off to work. School is pretty much kicking my ass. I really hope I pass my mid terms lol. Work has been shitter than usual lately. I just have no desire to go anymore. I hate my job entirely. I'm glad the move date is getting closer, though my boyfriend doesn't seem to be doing anything to get me out there. Like finding a job and an apartment for us. I hope in these two months he has left that he will surprise me with both. I really really do. I have no friends whom I can even stay with. Sigh!!

I also hope me and my mom move into this low income housing so I can start saving money. I could save $200-$250 a month if we move. That's a lot! plus the money I get for myself. Sigh! I really want to pay off my credit card!

Well I guess I'm gonna head out. Talk to you later!