Saturday, November 3, 2012

Where to Start?

OK, well I haven't been posting on here for what feels like forever. I'm going to be getting some insurance soon so I can see a doctor. YAY! Lost my financial aid last Spring and I'm just getting it back. I am sooo happy about that. The boyfriend made it back from deployment, but with bad news that he couldn't reenlist. I am happy that he couldn't, but damn life is gonna be interesting...He moved to California. That was a sad goodbye. Got to meet his dad and step mom though. HAHA! they're pretty cool actually. DB says they drive him crazy.

I'm still here in hell hole Georgia. Hate it here with a passion... I cannot wait to just pack up and leave. Just a couple more months I guess. I can live, but damn I'm quitting my job at Kroger.

Update: DB says he loves me on the regular. Pretty sweet huh? Ill be back to actually write in this.

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