Friday, November 16, 2012

Update for Depressed.

Well me and DB actually got into a big fight where we were actually angry and didn't want to speak with each other. My boyfriend claims he doesn't hold sentimental value to anything but he does. Example his necklace. But anyways, he didn't understand why this simple ring was so important to me so I told him he must not care and some many other things that offended him. The next day we talked about it even though he didn't want to speak with me. I wasn't really in the mood to talk to him either since I took it as being selfish. He saw me as materialistic. I told him he could have bought me a 25 cent ring and I would have worn it till my finger turned green ect.

Long story short, we ordered our rings. He is very much in love with his. Mine should be here tomorrow. I cannot wait. We picked entirely different rings than the ones we were going to get. He got a silver one with gold rims. And I'm getting a silver one with a diamond in the middle. I like this better.

DB told me to stop thinking so low of myself. That I am an amazing person and I didn't need a ring as proof that he loved me. :< I know, but we've been dating for 2 years I want some kind of reassurance that I am not wasting my time y'know? I want to know that someday down the line he will propose to me. I told him my greatest fear is that we will never marry and one day he will just walk out on me and marry some little hot blond girl stating the entire time he knew I wasn't the one, just a piece of ass. So this ring was very important to me. I can wait as long as he feels he needs to know he's ready to marry me, but I need the reassurance. I think every woman does when she's investing all of her feelings into a man. It is scary. I don't think he understands because he knows how I feel about him, I never let him wonder about my feelings. He knows I want to marry him. He has nothing to worry about.

 But on a happier note. Going to have something shiny on my finger soon

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