Friday, November 9, 2012


Well looks like me and DB aren't getting promise rings after all, because of this
"so you wunt to gimem a gift but you want me to buy one in return, i thought you wanted to get them"

Like a month and a half ago I asked if he wanted to get promise rings to be a symbol of our commitment. And he said sure you have been asking for one for quite some time now. I told him I wanted to get him one too because we are long distance and it would be nice if he could look at his finger and say my girlfriend loves me.

 Well I canceled the order on his ring. The ring wasn't even that much. with shipping and handling it came to a grand total of 11 dollars. So i don't know what the problem was. That hurt my feelings so much. I don't know if I can even talk to him for a while. It just feels like he doesn't love me the way i love him. That he will never think of me as wife material. Never.

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