Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Very Blah Indeed

So Valentine's Day was a bust. My boyfriend is so clueless sometimes. I wonder if he's ever had women around him. Well he has a mom and had a sister. I don't know about this boy sometimes. I was very angry with him yesterday. I told him he was stupid lol. But then I calmed down and apologized to him and told him I loved him and happy valentine's day. Then he stopped ignoring me; he's been ignoring me these past couple of days he's been back from pre-deployment training. But yeah we started talking.  Later that day my sister asked me if I got anything for Valentine's day so she could rub it in that I didn't. Instead of saying I got nothing I told her me and my boyfriend had a good conversation today....She said "aww!" I asked my boyfriend, "what should i say i got today?" and he said, "a ticket"
first off i was borderline kidding and wow that's awesome. Earlier that day i told him i wanted to see him before he deployed that i was willing to help pay expenses on his end or pay half on a plane ticket for me to go up there. So i didn't think i would get anything. He's not the romantic type so i wasn't expecting anything...that's horrible.

But now my dilemma is that is feel bad for being such a bitch to him these past couple of day, because he didn't have to buy me a plane ticket. sigh! what to do

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