Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Very Blah Indeed

So Valentine's Day was a bust. My boyfriend is so clueless sometimes. I wonder if he's ever had women around him. Well he has a mom and had a sister. I don't know about this boy sometimes. I was very angry with him yesterday. I told him he was stupid lol. But then I calmed down and apologized to him and told him I loved him and happy valentine's day. Then he stopped ignoring me; he's been ignoring me these past couple of days he's been back from pre-deployment training. But yeah we started talking.  Later that day my sister asked me if I got anything for Valentine's day so she could rub it in that I didn't. Instead of saying I got nothing I told her me and my boyfriend had a good conversation today....She said "aww!" I asked my boyfriend, "what should i say i got today?" and he said, "a ticket"
first off i was borderline kidding and wow that's awesome. Earlier that day i told him i wanted to see him before he deployed that i was willing to help pay expenses on his end or pay half on a plane ticket for me to go up there. So i didn't think i would get anything. He's not the romantic type so i wasn't expecting anything...that's horrible.

But now my dilemma is that is feel bad for being such a bitch to him these past couple of day, because he didn't have to buy me a plane ticket. sigh! what to do

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Year

Well we all know it is 2012 now. Can you believe it. I can't. I'm going to be 23 years old this year!!!! WOW! I am also graduating college with my Associates and moving out for the first time. I know I have a lot of post about how my boyfriend didn't express how he feels about me. After our almost break up in October everything has really changed in him. I'm not sure if I have become more understanding or he has become more affectionate. Either one, we are working hard for each other. Recently I was on the phone with him and we were saying goodbye before he left for Pre-Deployment training. I told him that I loved him. Then out of nowhere. I usually don't ask him if he loves me too, I did. And he said that he did love me. That was a very special moment. It made me feel like all these months with him were worth all the pain. I told him goodnight and to work hard.

He is currently out to sea. He will be deploying in March. Not sure when, but I'm not allowed to tell anyways. This time is going to be hard. But its going to be easy too. This will be our second deployment together. It won't be that bad. When he comes home I can go see him no problem because i was graced with a job finally. Honestly I have grown so much from knowing him. I am not that naive little kid anymore.

I have said countless times that I love him more than he knows. I think Scott knows. Maybe he's the one who loves me more than I know. This man is wonderful. He's the sunshine on the cloudy gloomy day. But enough about him. Lets talk about me!

I talked with my dad a while ago. He said when I come to california, he was going to help me get medical insurance so I wouldnt have to worry anymore. His wife would help me to get a job and set me up to be on my own. I was very pleased with this. Me and Scott haven't gotten to talk extensively about all this yet, but we are defiantly seeking moving in together soon. I am excited for myself. I have overcome so much in these pass couple years.

2012 is a New Year