Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweet What Nots

Last night at 2am my boyfriend told me that he loved me. I will remember this always. we were talking to my friends on ventrilo for a while. and we were talking about everything about our trip.Then my bf started making fun of me. Hes like "you're in love with me, and you can help it. You wanna marry me." in his teasing voice. I said "so what =P you love me!"
He said "yeah, but youll probably never hear me say it."
I told him it was alright. then he went to explaining why he didnt like saying i love you. it was only for friends and family, saying that the words meant too much and the expectations with that came with that word was too much. Me and "RR" told him not to worry about it. That it was alright.

When we all said goodnight and got offline he called me. He was telling me goodnight and when we were getting off the phone he said that he loved me. and I said it back....then i giggled a little and we really said goodnight and hung up.

He told me it was hard for him to say and i told him when i first said it, it was hard for me too.

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