Monday, July 25, 2011


I am tired of not know wheather or not my boyfriend loves me. it is eating a hole in my chest. It is tearing me apart. His actions speak louder, his actions speak louder, but words speak the loudest! they are what i want to hear, wanted to hear for so long. I am yearning for him to say it to me. to mean it. to want me, to stop stringing me along.

honestly i dont know how long i can do this. what is so hard about telling someone how you feel? its not the end of the fucking world telling someone how you truly feel about them. even if it hurts. I would rather you not love me and i move on and find someone who can love me the way i deserve. Because i am a good person. I would do anything and everything for the man i love. nothing stops me from expressing myself to the person i love!! Nothing will stop me.

I love him more than he will know, more than anything on this earth. More than the air that fills these lungs.
i am so tired of feeling like i am the only one who cares about this relationship.

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