Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basal Rate Testing

UGH! that's the only word to describe this. and it doesn't help that I'm looking at food porn. LMAO yeah i know. Bad Diabetic right?

I am trying to be a good diabetic and that is why i'm starting with my basal rate testing. I'm on a mission to get my A1C down to 6 like it was sooooo long ago. I was so proud of that number i have put myself to shame. I was the queen of my diabetes and now it controls me.

I'm also going to restock on test strips that aren't expired. OH YEAH!! I forgot i have great news! I have a job at Kroger's. I'm waiting for the drug test to come in and I'm going to call back in on Friday. Diabetes is expensive and I'm glad Ill finally have money to take care of myself better. That starts with not stressing, then getting the supplies i need, then getting the food i find acceptable, and then i will have time to exercise instead of trying to find a job and stressing myself out. Things will finally start lining up and getting better.

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