Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th

Yet another holiday without you. Another day without you. I know its coming to an end, but i cant help but feel alone. I love you more than the atmosphere that keeps us in. You are my rainbow.
I am free because of what you do, because of what all service men do. Others will never know what we go through just to be happy. They don't understand the challenges. Don't understand how lonely we are when we see other couples enjoying each others company. They don't understand that we would long to touch, smell and hear each other.  They complain that hes home late, while i'm worried the date he'll be home will change again.

I am ranting. I miss my baby. And today on this 4th it means something to me. It makes me prideful. I am proud to be American because of the service men of our country. what they sacrifice when they go out there to protect us. I love you Scott more than you know.

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