Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life's Little Surprises

Well I am waiting for the love of my life to finally say "I love you" and I am soooo excited for him to come home. Like beyond excited. I just want him to be home now.

While I'm mad crazy excited on the day of our anniversary, my friend Grant calls and I know something is up. I hear it all in his voice. He tells me he has cancer....Liver cancer and the survival rate for someone with liver cancer is scary. Not that many....We talk for a little while and he says "well I was just calling to say goodbye. I didnt mean to be here, then not be. You're a really sweet girl. The sweetest Ive ever met. Your boyfriend is the luckiest man in the world."

By now i'm choking back tears. I told him he had to be strong and that we couldnt say goodbye unless he was on is deathbed with tubes down his throat.....

......fast-forward to today.

My friend calls me. He says the doctor misdiagnosed him and he doesn't have cancer. OMG I am soooo happy. I would have missed him. I couldn't sleep last night because i was so worried about him. I have dark circles for nothing now. LOL
So life throws you curve balls. Hey i got this. Dip your knees, and make sure your feet are steady on the ground and BOW! hit that ball out the park =D


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