Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kill a nigga

The song that makes me laugh

see yall would kill these nigga, but ima kill dis bitch!
I've been waitin too long
and this hoe is talkin shit
i aint wit it, i dont like it, i dont like her, i will fight her
i will tie her ass up and set her whole body on fire

Well today my boyfriend of 3 years is chillin with a pair of our really good friends. Whenever he does so he forgets i exist(feels like it) and just leaves in the middle of our online conversations without saying bye or where he's going. Really pisses me off.

First off he should be more considerate, and secondly they should also be too. They know we're long distance for pete's sake!
They always wanna take all this time like theyve been with him through thick and thin, two deployments, this entire long distance relationship, they dont suck his dick, tell him goodnight, send him letters while he was away. Didnt send him carepackages. THE FUCK?!  anyways i am just as pissed at him

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quarter-life Crisis

Well it's official. I am having a quarter-life crisis. I am 23 years old going on 24 and I just now finished my associates degree. I still work at Kroger like it's poppin' and that's it. My life couldn't be more exciting. When I started college I had a plan that I would be done when I was 21 and getting my bachelors by the time I was 24. A move and an episode of depression stopped that plan in its tracks lol. With two semesters worth of "fuck why did I not do better" stupid depression, I lost my financial aid. Sigh! I think that was the beginning of this cluster fuck...

What I saw in my life was my BA or BFA which ever degree by the time I was 24, Married around that time too, kids at 28-30. Living a good life. Yknow?

I am scared I am not going to be as successful as I hoped I would be. And this makes it so much more important that I do because I have type 1 diabetes. People probably have it worse than me, but I feel like complaining about my crappy life situation right now.

Even though the future seems grim, it's nice to have friends who know how to lift up my spirits. I am thankful for their encouraging words or hope.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good Morning

Thought I'd write something before getting off to work. School is pretty much kicking my ass. I really hope I pass my mid terms lol. Work has been shitter than usual lately. I just have no desire to go anymore. I hate my job entirely. I'm glad the move date is getting closer, though my boyfriend doesn't seem to be doing anything to get me out there. Like finding a job and an apartment for us. I hope in these two months he has left that he will surprise me with both. I really really do. I have no friends whom I can even stay with. Sigh!!

I also hope me and my mom move into this low income housing so I can start saving money. I could save $200-$250 a month if we move. That's a lot! plus the money I get for myself. Sigh! I really want to pay off my credit card!

Well I guess I'm gonna head out. Talk to you later!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles

Cooking Classy: Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles: Raspberry Cheesecake is definitely one of my favorite desserts, it's simply divine.  The berry and cream cheese combination is amazing.  I ...

I'm also making these! LOL

almond cinnamon truffles!

Everyday Emotion: Truffles. Almonds. Cinnamon.: Hello sunny saturday! I've got a little sweetness for you - truffles with almonds and cinnamon :-) Happy weekend to all of you! ...

OMG I'm on a truffle binge right now and I'm totally going to make these next time i'm off from work!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Update for Depressed.

Well me and DB actually got into a big fight where we were actually angry and didn't want to speak with each other. My boyfriend claims he doesn't hold sentimental value to anything but he does. Example his necklace. But anyways, he didn't understand why this simple ring was so important to me so I told him he must not care and some many other things that offended him. The next day we talked about it even though he didn't want to speak with me. I wasn't really in the mood to talk to him either since I took it as being selfish. He saw me as materialistic. I told him he could have bought me a 25 cent ring and I would have worn it till my finger turned green ect.

Long story short, we ordered our rings. He is very much in love with his. Mine should be here tomorrow. I cannot wait. We picked entirely different rings than the ones we were going to get. He got a silver one with gold rims. And I'm getting a silver one with a diamond in the middle. I like this better.

DB told me to stop thinking so low of myself. That I am an amazing person and I didn't need a ring as proof that he loved me. :< I know, but we've been dating for 2 years I want some kind of reassurance that I am not wasting my time y'know? I want to know that someday down the line he will propose to me. I told him my greatest fear is that we will never marry and one day he will just walk out on me and marry some little hot blond girl stating the entire time he knew I wasn't the one, just a piece of ass. So this ring was very important to me. I can wait as long as he feels he needs to know he's ready to marry me, but I need the reassurance. I think every woman does when she's investing all of her feelings into a man. It is scary. I don't think he understands because he knows how I feel about him, I never let him wonder about my feelings. He knows I want to marry him. He has nothing to worry about.

 But on a happier note. Going to have something shiny on my finger soon